Transplanting Grass Trees / Xanthorrhoes

Transplanting Xanthorrhoeas or Grass Trees is something that needs to be done carefully so as not to damage the plant's delicate root system. Below is a video demonstrating how to do so correctly. However, it is always recommended to leave these protected plants in their natural environment.

How to correctly and safely transplant Grass Trees with maximal opportunity for survival.

Note that stress for the Grass Tree is minimized during transplantation by doing the following:

  • Dead leaves are cut off.
  • Green leaves are cut to 1/3 of its length.
  • Soil is dug up around the Grass Tree to minimize root stress.
  • The 'spider web mesh' of roots are kept intact and not disturbed.
  • The plant is moved to a container that contains the exact soil it came from.
  • The plant is watered with a sea-mineral solution such as Seasol.

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